The Latest Most Versatile Foam Concrete Generator

Principle of Operation

The FoamX mixer is designed based on years of experience in the field of foam concrete ( application carefully eliminating all and any obstacles faced in all the steps of the application process

The FoamX mixer has a dedicated foam generation tank where the foaming agent is placed then subjected to carefully calculated amounts of water and compressed air reaching the desired foam specification Then the generated foam enters the mixing tank where cement is added (sand too) to reach the indicated desired density based on the intended application and consultant’s recommendation


The FoamX can produce foam concrete also know as light weight concrete or cellular light concrete (CLC) with the following densities for various applications:

  • Density 200 400 kg/m 3 Only Cement & Foam
    Foamed concrete with these densities is used in roofs and floors for insulation against heat and sound. It is used interspace filling between brickwork in underground walls, insulation in hollow blocks and any other filling situation where high insulating properties are required.
  • Density 500 900 kg/m 3 Sand, Cement & Foam
    Used for the manufacture of precast blocks and panels for curtain and partition walls, slabs for false ceilings, thermal insulation and soundproofing screeds in multi level residential and commercial buildings. Foamed concrete of this density range is also ideal for bulk fill application.
  • Density 1000 1400 kg/m 3 Sand, Cement & Foam
    This material is used in concrete blocks and panels for outer leaves of buildings, architectural ornamentation as well as partition walls and floor screeds.