The Ultimate Solution For Energy Efficient Buildings


The BriX is a multi purpose versatile foamed concrete ( building block which consists primarily of cement based mortar mixed with at least 20 air by volume It has low weight, controlled strength with excellent sound, thermal and fire insulation properties

The BriX comes in many forms and sizes, either standard blocks ( for all common applications, flooring and roofing The BriX is also customized as interlocking blocks for facilitated construction especially for walls and separators

Foam Concrete is made by mixing foam into mortar The mortar is a cement mix with sand (for higher densities) and water As a result you end up with a mix that is lighter than “ concrete The mass, or density as we call it here,here,(weight per cubic meter) depends on how much foam is added to the mortar

BriX is very unique as it is being manufactured by the state of the art foam concrete generator FoamX giving a homogenous mix with the desired densities while being pumped by PumpX RollX series pumps that can discharge foam concrete at densities up to 1400 kg/m 3

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